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New Age Communications Terms & Conditions of Sale


New Age Communications will not be liable or responsible for restoration of any pre-existing building or external cabling faults or cabling upgrades unless such work has been specified in this purchase order. Our quote includes one visit fee and unit of labour to complete the project during one consecutive time period. If we are unable to complete the project due to a customer delay and we are required to re-visit the site some time later to finalise the project additional travelling time will be charged. All goods remain the property of New Age Communications until payment is received in full.  The customer authorises employees or agents engaged by New Age Communications access to the customers’ premises or any site where the equipment has been delivered on behalf of the customer, to recover equipment should the customer default on payment terms.  The Purchaser of goods from New Age Communications is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions contained herein by placing an order with New Age Communications.


Variations to the customer order will be charged at recommended retail price for additional hardware and our standard hourly rate plus materials for additional installation work. Our current labour rates are published on our web


The customer is responsible for all call charges and fees for connections to the carrier network. The customer will not hold New Age Communications or its employees responsible for delays by the carrier in providing network services or any losses caused by carrier network faults.


Where the cabling work has not been carried out by our licensed technicians New Age Communications may at our discretion insist that the customer provides us with a certificate signed by the licensed communications cabling contractor who installed the cabling certifying that the cabling has been installed to Australian Standards AS3080 cabling regulations and that the contractors licensed is endorsed to install Category 5e cabling or any other type of cabling that the contractor has installed. The cabling contractor’s license number and the name of their registrar is required on this form. Where certification of the cabling has not been supplied by the customer we reserve the right to not connect the equipment to the cabling network or bill the customer at our standard hourly rate plus materials to rectify the cabling to meet AS3080 standards.


The customer understands that manufacturer’s warranty is a manufacture’s return to base warranty and not a New Age Communications Warranty. Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover freight, travelling or on-site labour, unless equipment is covered by a maintenance contract with New Age Communications. All warranties are with the manufacturer. New Age Communications will return any faulty goods to the manufacturer for repair.

Manufacturers Specifications

All equipment supplied by New Age Communications is to manufacturer’s specifications.  Standard and optional features are described in the manufacturers or distributors brochure.  New Age Communications accepts no liability if the equipment does not perform to the manufacturer’s specifications.


All goods and services are provided on a cash/cheque on delivery basis. We also accept Visa and MasterCard. In the event of delays outside our control to complete the commissioning of the equipment, the customer agrees to pay all monies outstanding once the equipment has been delivered to the customers’ site.  The only exception is where customers have an account with New Age Communications and your payment terms will be indicated in that agreement. New Age Communications may allow exceptions to this rule in certain situations, at our own discretion. A late payment fee of .065% per day may be charged be on overdue accounts.

Returned Goods

All goods are to be returned to New Age Communications at the customer’s expense.  Warranty returns will be returned to the customer via courier at New Age Communication’s expense.  Software cannot be returned.  Goods which are non-warranty or found fault free will be returned to the customer at their expense.  A 20% restocking fee applies to goods returned for credit.  Goods returned for credit must be in original condition, in original packing and undamaged. We do not provide refunds.


The placing of an order through New Age Communications shall be deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, whether the order is placed verbally or through electronic means.